Qualitative valuation

The qualitative methods typically give you a score on a scale which you can use as an indication of the value. At the same time, the qualitative methods often give you a deeper insight into the strength, coverage and usability of the right in your specific situation.

In some cases, the business's need to rank a number of rights is greater than the need to find an exact value for an individual right. It is often the case in situations of a more strategic character, where the business needs to decide whether it wants to maintain, relinquish, sell, buy or license the rights.

There are several of these types of traditional qualitative valuation model. These tools are typically developed for internal value setting situations, where you want to review your portfolio with the aim of making strategic decisions on how you want to use your rights in the future.

Tool for evaluating patents, utility models, trademarks and designs
IP Evaluation is a tool for qualitative valuation developed by the Danish Patent and Trademark Office. Contrary to the traditional qualitative tools, IP Evaluation has been developed especially for those of you who want to trade rights.

Preparatory work towards setting a price
IP Evaluation is considered as preparatory work towards the meeting with your IP consultant, in which you can review the results and find the correct price for your specific right together.

You can find IP Evaluation here