Which rights do you want to value?

You should decide, whether you want to value one individual trademark, patent, design or utility model, or whether valuation is needed for a combined portfolio or a combination of several types of rights.

Some rights are worth more if they are sold as a combined portfolio - in these cases is it more important for the valuation to cover the combined portfolio than for the individual right. In other cases the situation is the reverse. Only the individual business knows its own products and patents well enough to be able to make this assessment.

In some cases, the rights are valued in connection with other assets, e.g. during mergers and acquisitions of businesses, where large parts of the business, and not exclusively its rights, require valuation. You should therefore assess whether you want to value your IPR separately or together with other parts of the business.

If you are in any doubt on what is most correct in this specific situation, you should contact a consultant.