Do you need to know how much your patents, utility models, trademarks or designs are worth?

The market for rights is obscure, since neither the buyer nor seller have any incitement for publishing the details of a trade. It is therefore difficult to find examples of previous trades to use as a comparative basis and source of inspiration when you want to trade rights. Similarly, it is difficult to determine what is for sale, who is interested in buying and not least, for what prices the rights are being traded.

To make it easier for Danish businesses to trade rights, this page will present the most well-used valuation models as well as giving you an insight into which factors affect the value of your rights.

Start by evaluating your rights

When you want to set a price for IP rights, you should always obtain a clear picture of the strengths and weaknesses of the rights that you want to trade. The Danish Patent and Trademark Office has developed the tool IP Evaluation, which you can use to evaluate patents, trademarks and designs when you want to trade these. IP Evaluation helps you find the right argument for reductions and increases in price when you trade rights. IP Evaluation is free to use and gives you a report which describes the value of your right via a score, and gives you an overview of where you can best increase the value of your rights.

IP Evaluation has been developed especially for those people who want to trade their rights, although the tool can also be used in other situations, e.g. when your business wants to create a strategy for your rights.

The tools and models on these pages are all considered to be a preparatory task for the meeting with your IP consultant, in which you go through the results together to find the correct price for your specific right.

For more information on IP Advisors (only available in Danish)

Before you start valuation of your rights, we recommend that you read the section Before valuation.