Trading IPR

The purpose of this portal is to help you and your business better exploit your knowledge fully by trading your rights. On this page you can find inspiration and defined tools for trading rights and get the most out of your knowledge.

Within your business it is important that you regularly assess whether you have rights that you are not exploiting yourself, and which can therefore be sold or licensed, or whether you need to buy or license new technology to improve your product.

On the portal you will find information on some of the considerations you should make in connection with trading IPR.

On the portal you can find:

  • Guideline for trading IPR
  • Standard contracts and accompanying guidelines for trading patents and utility models
  • Valuation tools and accompanying guidance material
  • IP Marketplace, where you can offer and request rights

The tools available here on the portal have been developed with the aim of making it easier for you and your business to trade IPR.

The IP Trade Portal gives you an insight into trading IPR, which you can use in dialogue with your consultant and in negotiations with potential trading partners.

It should therefore be noted, that the information on trading IPR on this portal is general and not exhaustive. This website should therefore not be seen as an alternative to professional consultation, but more as a preparatory task for the meeting with your IP consultant.

The texts and tools that you find on these pages have been developed in order to give you a deeper understanding of trading IPR such that you, together with your IPR consultant, can create the best plan for your specific business.

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