Standard contracts

Standard contracts
On this webpage you will find five standard contracts.

You will find four standard contracts, which you can use as a starting point for trading patents and utility models:

  • A Confidentiality agreement
  • A Purchase/Sales agreement (transfer of ownership)
  • A Non-exclusive Licence agreement (transfer of use)
  • An Exclusive Licence agreement (transfer of use)

And you will find one standard contract for co-operation on development and innovation:

  • A Co-operation Agreement on development and innovation

You can use the standard contracts in several ways, e.g.:

  • As a basis for negotiation
  • As inspiration for drawing up your own contract
  • As a checklist if the other party presents the first draft of a contract

Standard contracts are developed for the purpose of making it easier for you to enter an agreement to trade patents and utility models. By using standard contracts, you can gain an overview of an agreement more easily, as well as providing a draft to support your further work on negotiations towards putting an agreement in place.

It is important to note that an agreement should always be adapted for the specific situation.

In some situations and countries, e.g. USA, contracts on trading IPR are much more complex that the standard contracts developed. You should therefore contact a professional consultant before entering an agreement, so that the agreement is adapted to your specific situation.

Interactive standard contracts
The standard contracts have been made interactive, which means that you can adapt them to your needs. Guidelines are linked to each of the agreements, which clarify and explain the individual provisions in the agreements.

You simply have to click on the menu on the left of the agreement you want to use and you will be redirected to the applicable interactive agreement.

The Danish Patent and Trademark Office recommends that you read information on the selection of agreement as well as guidelines in relation to use of standard contracts thoroughly before you begin using the agreements. It should also be noted that the agreements cannot replace professional advice. 

The standard contracts have been developed in cooperation with a broad panel consisting of the Confederation of Danish Industries, The Danish Chamber of Commerce, The Danish Bar and Law Society, The Association of Danish Law Firms, ADIPA (formerly the Association of Danish Patent Agents), the Inventors Association DK, The Danish Association of Inventors, Local Government Denmark and Danish Regions, with support from: